What are the long term effects of oxycodone and oxycontin? I am writing a book about this and need your input.

What are the long-term effects of oxycodone and oxycontin?   I am taking large amounts of both of these drugs for almost a year now and I am concerned about my health and my future.   I suppose it would be easy to say just stop. It’s not that easy. The truth is the drugs help. I literally cannot even walk without these drugs. The pain in my back is excruciating. But these drugs are really having a negative affect on all aspects of my life.


I’ve done a lot of research on this subject. For now I think the benefits outweigh the side effects. However there are many horror stories and opinions out there. I will keep both eyes open and take as little as possible to function. However anyone who takes these drugs knows where that road leads.


What I would like to do is do some real research. I want opinions and input from doctors and people who use these drugs. Please tell me all you know, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I want to help anyone who is also struggling with these drugs. The truth is from what I’ve learned so far is that no one really knows what the long-term effects are.  We know the drugs are addictive. We know most of the side effects. We also know that these side effects and withdrawl symptoms affect people in different ways. So what is the real truth? Should I quit? If so why? What can I do to control the pain?  I guess I should tell you I have a failed fusion L-4 and L-5.  I also have two loose screws which are the main cause of my pain.  The doctor says he can do another surgery, but he also said that he’s not sure the surgery will do any good.  The risk and recovery time is too much for me to consider having the surgery.  So for now…drugs is how I am managing the pain.  But I’m not sure if I’m managing my pain or if the drugs are managing me. It’s a huge problem and from the research I’ve done I know I’m not alone.


Please comment on this subject with all you know. Please include any source you may use so the appropriate credit can be given or verified.  I know it’s a subject that needs to be addressed and people need to be informed so they can make an intelligent decision.  


Read this paragraph carefully before you comment. If you comment on this blog you are giving me permission to use all or part of your comment in the book. You will of course be given credit with name in the book as a contributor unless you email me and tell me you don’t want your name shown.  I will honor your requests either way.


I don’t have a title yet but will update this blog as the project progresses. I have six books on the market now and have been looking for a topic for the next book. I am positive that this is it. I think I can do the most good by getting as much information and input from people who are dealing with this problem and medical professionals. I am not ready to say that oxycontin or oxycodone are bad drugs. I really don’t know that. I do know that they do help with the pain. Like I said, I can’t even function without them. All I want to do is get as much information as I can and then people can make up their own minds.


My email is wordshurt7@yahoo.com if you want to contribute but don’t want to comment here.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope all of you have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

Steve Zellers


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  1. Anthony LuCiano on

    Hello there I also have a failed l4 l5 l5 s1 fusion.I was in a horrible mountain biking accident about 12 years ago.It’s kind of ironic cause back in the 1990’s I had a good friend who hurt his back at work.He had to have 2 level lumbar fusion.I remember seeing the xrays after it was just bolts and a single plate.Well one of the bolts broke and the plate bent.I never saw someone in so much pain.He would just ly on his bed and scream.Only when he had pain medicine was he able to function somewhat.Well he went to sleep one night and never woke up at 36 years old.He had i guess they said it was an ulcer exsplode in his stomach and he bleed to death.I would watch him injest handfuls of morphine.Not for the high but to kill the pain.He had new born baby he didnt wana die.After my accident I suffered for years having epidurals and being told at 24 that I needed a double fusion.Well I put it off for 10 more years till the pain became so bad I couldnt sit,stand,or lye down for any period of time.At this point I have great job making 85k a year with the greatest insurance.I was deseperate from the pain and anyone who has back problem out there knows just how much of a racket this pain management field really is.Their are bad Dr’s out there that just wanna run up your insurance and dont care if you get better or worse.Well needless to say I saw these kinda Dr’s for years.They would only give me pain medicine when I agreed to getting their shots which I know now really made things worse.It is very hard to find good pain management Dr that really cares about you and not his bottom line.Watch out cause the surgeons just wanna do surgery and most fusions should not even be done in the first place.Well I went desperately to one of those laser spine places you see on the internet.I went to a place in Defuniak springs F.L called microspine.Please dont ask me why I would go somewhere like that for spine surgery but like I said I was deseperate.Anyhow before going to their facility I sent my mri reports to them via fax.Not my mri films just the reports.Young lady calls me back all excited telling me they see my problem and can fix it no problem.She says I will be back to work within 3-6 weeks no doubt.A friend and I drive all the way there on a monday.Tuesday I have meeting with Dr.At that time they did a series of shots which one numbed my entire leg i could not walk or move my leg when I woke up.They say thats part of it and tell me to try and walk.Well i could not feel anything from my waist down from the injection he gave me.It was like an epidural but they shot a diffrent nerve then with a regular epidural.Ok then they ask me if I got relief and of course I say yes I cannot feel anything at all from waist down.Dr says great then we have the right problem and know whats causing your pain.then for no reason at all but to charge my insurance another 12k they do a series of discograms.Which he did not need to do at all even the nurse asked why are we doing these when he already got relief from the other shot and we know what surgery we need to do.Ok I should of left right then when they said that in front of me.They were juicing me up pretty good the whole time I was there to keep me there I assume now? Ok this surgery is also completely diffrent then the surgery they told me I was candidate for before driving to their facility.Ok next day I have surgery.In and out in 3 hours total.No drainage tube and just bloody tape over wounds.An hour after surgery I start having sever pain in lower back where he did surgery.I had huge hematoma the size of a grape fruit no lie it was huge and it hurt like hell.My friend takes me back right away to Dr anthony mork the genius who does these surgeries.Dr mork use to work for Dr bonati another one of these criminal Dr’s I have come to find out after have all kinds of law suits against them.Ok i go back with grape fruit size blood bubble on my back.He tells me this is nothing and will go away with time.Don’t worry about it and get lost basically.I leave in tears from the pain.2 weeks after being home from laser surgery I start having all kinds of new pain.Severe pain in my rectum and legs (sciatica burning pain).It was severe and everytime I called the microspine place I had it done they would tell me this is normal give it time.Well it is 2 years and I am suffering worse now then ever.I since had a 2 level fusion surgery from a dr michael wang in miami.He sold me my surgery like a car salesman.Saying I would recover fine and have no problems.However he did say there is a chance this might not work do to the other surgery.So 2 weeks later from seeing him for 1st time I had 2 level fusion.Was the worst year of my life.Still have all the same problems cant sit,stand,lye down flat for any period of time.I am still totally unable to work or walk more then 50 yards before leg pain sends me to the ground.Anyway moral of my story is the pain management feild is a total racket,the epidural shots are dangerous.Oh I forgot to tell you about the time I got a dural leak from an epidural shot.I was rushed to the hospital with a headache that I thought I would die from.Vomiting and severe pain.I had to have a spinal tap and all kinds of other tests and procedures.It was a nightmare that I still dream about.So pain management is a hoax. them pain dr’s that wanna give shots should be locked up.Spinal surgery is a bunch of crap and should probaly be done about 10% of the time.Good Luck with your book and I hope you let everyone know about laser surgery and all the darkness of pain management.You want a great story come to south florida where I live it is a joke.We can write a book together about this horrible life such is living with chronic back pain and being taken advantage of by every crooked Dr in the world.12 years,hundreds of shots,1 bankruptcy,a 50k surgery and 1 80k surgery with more pain now,thousands of hours of work missed and now a career down the toilet all because of crooked pain management Dr’s wanting to abuse my insurance.I can rant for hours about this horrible system where we let junkies determine the treatment real pain patients get.Can you believe all these years I have suffered with chronic severe pain and only since I found a real pain management Dr that wants to help me with the right medication have I been able to live the closest thing to a normal life I have seen in years.I believe all these years the Dr’s I have been seeing were afraid of liability of some kind for prescribing me a young man the right medicine?Ok so just let me suffer? The year before I was introduced by my pain Dr to a great pain medicine that actually works I had bought a gun and bullets and had been planning a suicide at the end of the year if I had not been able to do something about the constant pain.I believe if a Dr was willing to help me years ago maybe I wouldnt of had to go through all this surgeries and dozens and dozens of shots.Someone needs to do something about how people in this country suffer from pain and stop worrying about the kid from the valley oding on control substances.all i can say is pain management and pain control in this country is totally mistreated.thank you and good luck…

  2. Anthony LuCiano on

    to answer your question about long term affects of morphine and pain medication.Not including oxycontin cause of the new formula,not really sure what junk is in it but as for real morphine and derivatives of there is no major long term affect except maybe teeth decay.my grandfather was in world war 2 and had to take extreme amounts of morphine all his life.He lived till 96 and swares the morphine kept him alive.He was extremely healthy eater besides the morphine for his pain he ate great.All fresh organic vegtables that he grew in his garden.He was old time Italian,had glass of wine with every dinner.Morphine is from God and it was put here for one reason to defeat chronic pain.If abused or taken the wrong way it is harmful.But if taken for pain in moderation the old man swore by it.

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