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What are the long term effects of oxycodone and oxycontin? I am writing a book about this and need your input.

What are the long-term effects of oxycodone and oxycontin?   I am taking large amounts of both of these drugs for almost a year now and I am concerned about my health and my future.   I suppose it would be easy to say just stop. It’s not that easy. The truth is the drugs help. I literally cannot even walk without these drugs. The pain in my back is excruciating. But these drugs are really having a negative affect on all aspects of my life.


I’ve done a lot of research on this subject. For now I think the benefits outweigh the side effects. However there are many horror stories and opinions out there. I will keep both eyes open and take as little as possible to function. However anyone who takes these drugs knows where that road leads.


What I would like to do is do some real research. I want opinions and input from doctors and people who use these drugs. Please tell me all you know, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I want to help anyone who is also struggling with these drugs. The truth is from what I’ve learned so far is that no one really knows what the long-term effects are.  We know the drugs are addictive. We know most of the side effects. We also know that these side effects and withdrawl symptoms affect people in different ways. So what is the real truth? Should I quit? If so why? What can I do to control the pain?  I guess I should tell you I have a failed fusion L-4 and L-5.  I also have two loose screws which are the main cause of my pain.  The doctor says he can do another surgery, but he also said that he’s not sure the surgery will do any good.  The risk and recovery time is too much for me to consider having the surgery.  So for now…drugs is how I am managing the pain.  But I’m not sure if I’m managing my pain or if the drugs are managing me. It’s a huge problem and from the research I’ve done I know I’m not alone.


Please comment on this subject with all you know. Please include any source you may use so the appropriate credit can be given or verified.  I know it’s a subject that needs to be addressed and people need to be informed so they can make an intelligent decision.  


Read this paragraph carefully before you comment. If you comment on this blog you are giving me permission to use all or part of your comment in the book. You will of course be given credit with name in the book as a contributor unless you email me and tell me you don’t want your name shown.  I will honor your requests either way.


I don’t have a title yet but will update this blog as the project progresses. I have six books on the market now and have been looking for a topic for the next book. I am positive that this is it. I think I can do the most good by getting as much information and input from people who are dealing with this problem and medical professionals. I am not ready to say that oxycontin or oxycodone are bad drugs. I really don’t know that. I do know that they do help with the pain. Like I said, I can’t even function without them. All I want to do is get as much information as I can and then people can make up their own minds.


My email is if you want to contribute but don’t want to comment here.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope all of you have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

Steve Zellers


What happens when you put too much butter on your bread?


Steven R. Zellers

A few years ago there was a little boy about ten years old and kind of skinny who decided he was hungry and wanted to make a sandwich. When he was finished putting butter on his bread, the boy looked up to see his Dad standing behind him with red glazed eyes. Right away the boy knew he was in trouble. He had been beaten before, many times. His crime was using too much butter on his bread. He had been beaten for lots of things. He watched his Dad beat his step Mom many times for using too much of this or that, or for spending too much money at the grocery store.

The little boy saw the look of rage on his Dad’s face and begged for mercy. “Please Daddy I’ll be good. I promise I’ll be good from now on.”

The boy’s Dad grabbed him by the back of the neck and smashed his face into the kitchen sink several times with so much force that the boy’s feet literally came off the ground. Luckily for the boy the faucet was there to catch his face.

After the beating was over the boy’s Dad locked him in the basement like he often did for punishment. At ten years old the boy didn’t hate the basement as much as he did when he was five and six. When he was that young he was too short to reach the light switch. No matter how much he screamed his Dad wouldn’t let him out. The basement had a dirt floor and a damp musty smell. Spiders and centipedes as big as rats loved to crawl around in the basement. At least now the boy was tall enough to turn the lights on and even though the basement was a scary place, that dark dirty basement became a place of refuge for the boy.

When the little boy was five he lived with his real Mom who had divorced his Dad shortly after he was born. One day his Mom told him she was going to the store. She left and never came back. As you might expect a five year old can’t be left to live alone. So the boy was forced to live with his Dad and Step Mom and step brothers who were older and bigger than he was.

As you might imagine, the five year old little boy cried a lot because his Mom left him. He often wondered if he would have behaved more, if he would have done better in school, if he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble so much, maybe his Mom would have stayed. “Was I a bad kid?” He wondered.

His step brothers were mean as snakes and laughed at the little boy. They called him a “sissy” and a “cry baby” for crying about his Mom. So soon after moving into his Dad’s house he decided that he would never cry about his Mom again. He decided he didn’t like being called a sissy and a baby. He decided no matter how much they hit him or made fun of him, he would not cry. He didn’t either. He may have been a skinny little kid but he was no sissy. He didn’t even cry when his step brothers put him in the big chest freezer and sat on the lid. It was really cold in there and they made him stay in there a long time. No matter what evil things his step brothers did to him the little boy never cried.

A few years later when the boy was all grown up his Dad died. The boy didn’t cry one single tear. He didn’t even go to the funeral. Not long after that he got a phone call from his brother saying that his Mom, his real Mom, died from lung cancer. The boy didn’t cry for his Mom either. Why should he cry? He didn’t even know her. She walked out of his life when he was five.


The little boy in the story grew up and decided he didn’t want to be like his Dad so he decided not to drink and he made a vow to never beat his kids. It was a simple choice for him. Be a mean drunk and a child abuser or don’t. He chose not to.

Sometimes he still has nightmares about the basement. He is still claustrophobic and at forty five years old he’s still afraid of the dark. It might be a silly thing to you but it matters to him. He often wonders if his kids will cry at his funeral.


The story you just read about the little boy is true. Every word of it. Do you know how I know it’s true? I’ll give you two guesses. But you’re only going to need one.

The world we live in today isn’t that much different than it was thirty five or forty years ago. Sure there’s more traffic and a million channels on TV instead of three. But for the most part a loaf of bread or a tub of butter is still relatively just as expensive now as it was back then. For most people money is tight. For most kids Moms and Dads still work and bigger kids still pick on smaller kids. Dad’s still get drunk and beat on Moms. Sometimes the Moms or brothers or grandparents are the ones that become abusers.

We can choose to ignore child abuse and pretend it doesn’t happen. But we all know it does. To say the word abuse is still taboo.


Every day in every city in America there are kids are being brutally beaten. They are victims trapped by the circumstances they were given. These kids feel helpless and hopeless. It’s time to let these kids know that they don’t have to be afraid anymore. There is help out there.


If you need help. Get help. It’s time to make a stand and say “NO MORE.”


The Power to say “NO MORE” to abuse. Available anywhere books are sold or you can get a free copy if you need one. Email and I will personally see that you get a copy.


Steve Zellers



The Power to say “NO MORE” to abuse is now available on Amazon Kindle!

I am happy to tell you that my new book The Power to say “NO MORE” to abuse is available in print wherever books are sold including and  It also now available as an E-BOOK on Amazon Kindle.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kindle it is an electronic reading gadget that allows you to instantly purchase and download books. It’s a very cool device and worth checking out.

Happy trails and God Bless

Steve Zellers

The Power to say “NO MORE” to abuse

 I am a local writer from Nashville chains1and just released my new book The Power to say “NO MORE” to abuse. If you or someone you know is being abused and you think this book will help I will be happy to send you a copy completely free. Obviously I can only give away digital copies (ebook)

I do sell them but money was not my reason for writing this book and money is not my reason for posting this ad. Basically I just want people to know the book is available. You can read more about it at my website.

I’m not trying to save the world, I just want to make a difference. Abuse of any kind is wrong which is why I wrote this book. It is already selling well is getting great reviews. There is information and contact numbers in the book. And most of all from what people are saying is that it will make you mad and give you the courage to get help if you need help.

I am also planning to make a series of videos about abuse over the summer. I made one so far…it is posted  below. Please feel free to post this video on your myspace, facebook etc. Or if you would like to get involved and help with these videos send me an email and let me know.


The book is available where ever books are sold. You can read more at or the Amazon link is